Advertising is the main factor for support the marketing process. In the next advertising process is a promotion / campaign, which will get a target market and the target audience of each product that will be prepared to deal with consumers. A marketing plan must be equipped with strategies so that the results will be more optimal. This achievement is generally inseparable from the strategy marketing which is also related to promotion which will unlock the potential starts from building a corporate image to increase sales.

To actualize the strategy , PT Kal Vie Parama Cemerlang (Kvie Management) will focus on marketing & advertising strategies, and creative strategies (an Integrated Marketing Communication/IMC) for product positioning in the general public through creative media.

Promotion / Integrated Campaign

Kvie Management is engaged in dynamic advertising and offers a new perspective on integrated marketing through promotions and campaigns. Our comprehensive service offers a variety of products in the form of creative media or public relations related to strategy creative marketing to our clients. Kvie Management draws a lot of experience in giving exceptional service to government departments and agencies, companies, UKM , foundations and LSM.